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The Stripper (sharja)


Like the title says it’s about strippers so read at own risk. It’s just fanfiction - it’s not real. I will never degrade women and my view on stripping is that it’s just a profession if it’s out of someone’s own will. Okay enough of the serious talk.

I’m aware that it’s terribly written and has a lot of mistakes. I’m just not experienced in writing these kind of things or writing at all. Despite of those facts I hope you’ll enjoy it :)

about 2500 words.


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Me fui a la cresta… chao xddd

I’ll Cope


I wanted to do a story from the POV of Marcelo, so this is my first story with him where he’s not a dick, I hope you all enjoy it anyway. It mentions Sharja alot. Duh.

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So good


Sharja by Ariella-melina