found this gif very alluring 

she damn well didn’t look at ian like that
just sayin

you always see it in the eyes

It’s like she’s so incredibly turned on when she opens the door it take her a moment to realize she’s not suppose to react like that.

Oh maura is les

I just love that this isn’t photo shopped or edited in anyway, that it is exactly Maura’s expression when she opens the door to Jane. 
I know that look. I also know where that look leads. Lesbians. 
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50 Shades of Sharon [2/4]


The second part of this one and its a little bit rated M…so…yeah…sex…kinda…yeah…

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How you dare!! Leaving the chapter there! You’re so cruel!

Meet The Parents [4/4]


Yay! Finished! :D

Thanks for all your comments!

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Bar Girl


First Sharja fic yay. I dedicate this to Shirya (nightingaleinasilvercage) Cause it’s her birthday Happy Birthday Seestra, hope this doesn’t suck too badly.

Mistakes are mine and everything.

Sharja AU, Sharon overhears a conversation between Tarja and Tuomas and has question.

Sharon steps away from the table after taking her shot. She backs up to the bar, overhearing a conversation taking place between a regular and Tarja, the woman working behind to bar today. The regular, who Sharon vaguely recognized to be Tuomas, was flirting with Tarja.

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Loved it
La amo taaanto <3